Common Features Found in Online Slot Machines

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Online slot games have certainly come a long way over the past few years and some of their features have become standard and expected by players worldwide. It can be very important to know exactly how these features work and what to expect when playing online slots. Even if some come with different variations and change things up a bit, the basic concept is often times the same.

Wild Symbols

Easily the most commonly found feature in slot machines is the wild symbol. It first started making its way to the spinning reels early during the casino growth and it was often times featured in classic three-reels as a way to make winning combinations a bit easier to achieve. Now, it is almost impossible to think of online slots without wild symbols.

In short, a wild symbol is a special icon in the game that can play the role of other symbols. This is usually represented by something that stands out more than the regular symbols and comes with its own nice animation. Wild symbols are great because they can help get more prizes.

It is important to note that each wild symbol will only pay for the highest possible combinations on the active lines so getting one of them doesn’t actually guarantee a win. Software developers are sometimes looking to make this standard feature even more appealing to players and can include additional rewards like doubled or tripled prizes for the generated win, additional multipliers and even high prizes for a combination made out of multiple wild symbols.

Stacked wilds are the ones that take up multiple positions on the same reel. Needless to say that having more of them is better for the results on the spin and the same can be said about expanding wilds that may start off as only one but can grow to take up an entire reel.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are almost just as popular as wilds and can sometimes be even more important due to the extra features some slots attach to them. At its core, scatter symbols are represented by icons which don’t have to be on active lines in order to generate prizes. It is enough to get at least three (in some cases even two is enough) on the screen at the same time in order to get a prize. The payout is usually determined in a different way than for the other symbols in the game and is actually achieved by multiplying the total bet for the respective spin.

They of course get their name from the fact that they can be scattered anywhere on the reels and this makes them the perfect choice for triggering the free spins mode.

Free Spins

Free spins are often times associated with scatter symbols but they deserve their own entry on the list as this is one of the most common features found in online slot machines. Getting three or more free spins scatters will trigger a set number of rounds that begin right away and are played without any extra bets. The prizes add up for the duration of the mode and are awarded to the balance once it is done.

The standard free spins can come with some added perks to make sure that triggering them really pays off. These can be multipliers for all the prizes as some slots will double or even triple the wins. It is also possible to have more wild symbols during the free spins for the same purpose of making them more rewarding than average spins, even if we don’t consider the lack of bets required.

Gamble Feature

The gamble game was among the first features available in slots and it certainly became iconic along with the games. While some of the modern games don’t incorporate a gambling feature anymore, it is safe to say that it deserves its spot on the list.

This is basically a mini-game that can be started after getting a winning combination on a regular spin. By clicking on the respective button, the prize amount is entered in a 50/50 gamble game where the player must guess the color of a random card, either black or red. A correct answer doubles the current amount, while a wrong one will nullify it. The game can be ended at any point and it is also closed when losing the amount or when reaching the maximum level.

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